Love and Substances


Are you sitting around waiting for "the call"? Ya know, the one you dread but fear is inevitable if your loved one keeps using? If you are here searching for support, chances are you are exhausted and maybe even beyond all your solutions. You’re not sure where to go or what to do next. Being in a relationship with someone who is addicted to a substance is a fast track to struggle and suffering. You love them and feel angry and resentful towards them at the same time.  Struggling to find the balance between "tough love" and "enabling"? Setting healthy limits may leave you feeling guilty and hopeless. 

Holding Hope

It sucks worrying about someone else so much that your own voice is stifled and your life is suffering. It feels like pouring imaginary  water from an empty vessel when you are so, so thirsty. Even though the well seems empty, it is not. I know from my own journey that this well is everlasting.  You have an abundance of beautiful, sustainable nourishment already inside you. That love you’re seeking, you already have it. I believe in your ability to drill your own well and discover the rivers and lakes that live inside you. By tapping into your infinite well, you can move from exhaustion to exhilaration. This doesn't mean that your loved one’s behavior will change but rather, your reaction to it can be different. Our work together can help you live your best life regardless of someone else's substance use. 

New Beginnings

Is it springtime yet?