The Enneagram


What's this?

The enneagram is a tool with unknown origins. Used for many centuries to help people get in touch with their truest selves, resolve conflict, and find direction. 

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How can it help me?

Imagine a life where you could be more in touch with who you really are. One where you could break free from patterns that have lead you in the same undesirable directions your whole life. What if you could learn how to make friends with the masks you wear and how to remove them when you want to. Imagine feeling more connected to yourself and the world around you. 








The Enneagram is a transformative tool. In learning more about ourselves, we increase our ability to connect and understand others. This tool has been invaluable for me in my life as well as in my work. For Enneagram services, see below. 





Services Provided 

workplace conflict

Conflict resolution


The Enneagram can help resolve workplace conflicts and help teams communicate more effectively. It can also be used to develop leadership abilities and delegate responsibilities based on strengths. Pricing dependent upon services requested. Contact for consultation. 

Individual Consultations

Ready to learn more about your type and reconnect to your best self? Sign up for an individual consultation and learn about your most special qualities, your tendencies when you are stressed and relaxed, and how your defense mechanisms may be getting in the way. 50 minute consultations are $120


Want to learn the basics? Maybe get some questions answered about your partner or boss? The Enneagram Collective offers workshops to suit your individual needs. Check below for workshop announcements or email Prices vary depending on length of workshop.